A farm is not just a farmer’s livelihood, but also his labour of love, his way of worship. While natural calamities are unfortunate and undefeatable, mishaps due to human and government error can… Continue reading

The Landless Kings

Who are you? Where does your name come from? Where has your family lived for most of their lives? Who are your ancestors? Where do you hail from? Where do you belong? These… Continue reading

Dhaka Diaries

Every city is just as much a living, breathing organism as the people and dreams that inhabit it. It is a tangible thing, not just a concept or a collection of buildings and… Continue reading

The Eve of Duruthu Poya

This auspicious day marks the Buddha’s first visit to Sri Lanka. The Buddha is supposed to have intervened between two armies and conveyed his message of peace. This caused the warriors to lay… Continue reading

Fragility: Part 2

Fragility emerges from exodus. Homes become fragile when not inhabited. Humans become fragile when they exit their selves. Bonds are what sustain everything and when bonds are intact, things look sturdy and resolute… Continue reading

The Gods are Smiling

Deep within the heart of Sri Lanka, a monk treads softly on a path that has been walked on since as long ago as 1st Century BCE. Monarchs, kings and rulers have come… Continue reading